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The Pennsylvania Animal Response Team is coordinating statewide response for animals in the Covid 19 crisis.

Your support is needed now more than ever.

“I just want to thank you again for your kindness for the wonderful donations I received yesterday. Jason is wonderful. Yesterday was my birthday, but it seemed more like Christmas. My husband, myself , my son, his fiancee and all of our fur, finned and “shell” kids thank you – from the bottom of our hearts. You guys are AMAZING!”

-Shelley Mattis

We are stocking food banks with pet food and supplies and are working with organizations like Meals on Wheels and partnering with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services to get pet food into quarantined households.

At the same time, we are working in every county with our partners at the Federated Humane Societies and Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association to set up temporary sheltering for pets of emergency responders, medical professionals, and hospitalized patients.

We are in need of gloves, masks, pet food, cat liter, catch poles and disposable food containers. Will you help?

Begin supporting the Pennsylvania Animal Response Team today because without your help we will not be there to ensure that in a disaster all family members are safe! Our tax identification number is 20-2042482.

Cash donations to purchase needed equipment and materials are also graciously welcome. During times of disaster, PART is in need of help from people who own specialized equipment and are willing to donate their time and services.

Donations can be made directly to the address below, or you may contact us for more information.

Pennsylvania Animal Response Team
1310 Elmerton Avenue
Harrisburg, PA 17110
phone: 717-651-2736
e-mail: Email Director


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    Donor Logo Policy

    Donor logos may be affixed to a PART vehicle in which they have contributed at least $1,000.

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    April 7th, 2024 in Carbon County: 2 DogsApril 2nd, 2024 in Somerset County: CART was requested to evacuate animals in danger due to rising floodwaters.March 24th, 2024 in Somerset County: CART was requested by PD to assist with an aggressive dog that had bitten its ownerMarch 24th, 2024 in Somerset County: CART was requested for a dog severely injured in a vehicle accidentMarch 9th, 2024 in Somerset County: CART was activated for a dog hit by a vehicleMarch 7th, 2024 in Somerset County: CART was requested by police to transport 2 litters of puppies to the Humane SocietyMarch 5th, 2024 in Somerset County: CART was requested by Humane Officer to assist him with a chicken stuck in a fenceMarch 2nd, 2024 in Somerset County: CART was called for a dog that had run away at Hidden Valley ResortApril 3rd, 2024 in Westmoreland County: On standby for opening an emergency shelter at local FD due to flooding.April 3rd, 2024 in Fayette County: Family and 1 dog displaced by mine subsidence- house condemned, so in need of Pet Care Kit.