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While no disaster can be planned for, the Red Cross suggests three steps to become prepared for a disaster:

  1. Get a Kit
  2. Make a Plan
  3. Be Informed

If it’s not safe for you to stay in your home during an emergency, then it is not safe for your animals, either. Make an evacuation plan for your pets, knowing that many hotels and shelters do not accept animal guests. Assemble a kit for your pet or include pet supplies in your own emergency kit, keeping in mind the following supplies:

  • Sturdy leashes, harnesses and/or carriers to transport pets safely and ensure that they can’t escape.
  • Food, drinking water, bowls, cat litter/pan and a manual can opener if you pet eats canned food.
  • Medications and copies of medical records stored in a waterproof container.
  • A first aid kit.
  • Current photos of you with your pet(s) in case they get lost. Since many pets look alike, this will help to eliminate mistaken identity and confusion.
  • Information on feeding schedules, medical conditions, behavior problems, and the name and number of your veterinarian in case you have to foster or board your pets.
  • Pet beds and toys, if easily transportable.

More tips for pet preparedness in emergency are available from the Red Cross.

Pet First Aid Kit

Recommended supplies for your pet first aid kit.

Disaster Planning in Animal Facilities

Evacuation, sheltering, and Veterinary Care tips by Butler County Animal Response

Pet Preparedness Guidelines

Helpful hints for being prepared to deal with your pets during an emergency.

Heat Precautions For Your Pet

Tips to keep in mind and signs that your cat or dog has had enough sunshine.

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December 2nd, 2021 in Lehigh County: Border or Berks & Lehigh County - Horse down in stall, Owner requesting help to get standing.November 29th, 2021 in Allegheny County: One rabbit and family displaced due to house fire. Delivered pet cage and Pet Care Kit of supplies to pet fr...November 21st, 2021 in Westmoreland County: State Police requesting help for 2 cats abandoned at a business in carrier. Got them contact info for local...November 21st, 2021 in Westmoreland County: Parrot was displaced from owner due to her involvement in a road rage incident. A Pet Care Kit of bird pell...November 5th, 2021 in Allegheny County: 1 dog and 1 cat displaced with owner from a house fire. Pet Care Kit was delivered to owner at local hotel.November 22nd, 2021 in Schuylkill County: Police reported 3 bulls wandering a residential area and 1 was reported as angry, damaging private property....November 21st, 2021 in Somerset County: PSP requested assistance with two horses running on route 30. November 15th, 2021 in Fayette County: 3 adult dogs and 1 adult cat with family were displaced by a house fire. Pet Care Kit was delivered to hotel.November 15th, 2021 in Westmoreland County: On standby to assist transporting assorted farm animals from humane case. Deployment cancelled next day.November 15th, 2021 in Fayette County: 2 sm adult dogs and 1 cat displaced with family due to trailer fire. Full Pet Care kit and crate delivered to owner.