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Required Training

The PART Orientation traces the beginning of the program, while providing a succinct description of the program mission, goals, and objectives. It describes training required of volunteers, while also providing a framework for response activities. This training session is 1-2 hours.

Other training for volunteers includes the online courses listed in the policy links, as well as animal sheltering training equivalent to 16 hours of classroom/field training.

Get Trained - Ice Water Animal Rescue Training

Ready to get trained? Start here!

Mandatory courses from FEMA

Can be taken on line at the Emergency Management Institute of FEMA

Ready for more?

Contact your CART coordinator for in person training or check out these animal disaster courses from FEMA

Volunteer & Training Policies

PART Training Policy

Amended 2-21-13

Volunteer Enrollment Policy


Volunteer Recognition Policy

Without its volunteers, PART could not exist.

Volunteer Questionnaire

For individuals interested in volunteering to provide more information.

Spontaneous Volunteer Policy

For the use of uncredentialed volunteers during disasters and related events.

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May 12th, 2020 in Westmoreland County: Request for assistance from PA State Police for a loose large farm pig. Additional animals also found in qu...May 7th, 2020 in Fayette County: Assisted one dog from house fire with smoke inhalation with pet O2 mask, needing immediate vet car and tempo...April 27th, 2020 in Lehigh County: LV CART was dispatched to assist with a lose pony in back yard, unknown owner.